Action Against Poverty Campaign

Since August 2017, YPAC has been striving to eliminate poverty from communities across Ontario, in cooperation with other students, activists, organisations, and private citizens. This can be achieved through increased and sustainable financial, food, employment, and housing security, which are critical to improving quality of life for all people.

At YPAC, we have supported these efforts through community education workshops, discussion forums, and co-ordination meetings, to network, share resources and information, and create local strategies on how to achieve these goals, while best assisting our fellow residents.

Our projects have pushed, and continue to promote action against poverty on three levels:

  1. Personal
    • We aim to empower individuals in our communities by:
      • providing them resources to expand their knowledge or seek support when needed
      • providing them connections to seek personal support
      • introducing them to a network of potential allies for their ongoing projects or initiatives
      • and giving them the opportunity to learn, or take action on the issues that really matter to them.
    • YPAC always encourages individual involvement, personal care, and support for local organisations. All levels of action depend on individual people to make things happen!
    • We strive to accomplish this at all times, from the resources listed here on the website, to the information we bring to students at our education workshops!
  2. Community/Institutional
    • We promote community action by:
      • finding support for local groups, bringing them student voices for a new and energetic perspective
      • connecting them to potential new recruits individuals, who would be interested in their work
      • fostering discussion on how all interests, and institutions can take effective unified action in pursuit of their goals
      • and giving individuals the resources, platform, and empowerment they need to lead the way in their region!
    • This happens through:
      • our public forums, where we seek out all reasonable voices from across municipalities, to voice their concerns, their ongoing work, and their solutions
      • our public education workshops, where we distribute the knowledge and discussion necessary to develop action on the personal level
      • our classroom student discussions, where we draw students’ attention to the issues which impact them, and the methods they can take to change them
      • our public demonstrations, used for generating public support and conversation in the interests of poverty reduction
      • and support for other local causes and events, which is crucial for developing strong, and widespread co-operation.
  3. Government
    • At YPAC we acknowledge and support the power of the individual to make a difference in their community, but we also know that any long term, sustainable solutions to systemic poverty depend on the willingness of our elected officials to take action on the issues alongside us.
    • We aim to motivate the government action by:
      • giving individual citizens and residents the knowledge they need to understand political issues in the context of poverty reduction
      • uniting all people in a non-partisan, policy-based coalition meant to push our elected officials in the optimal policy direction
      • encouraging participation in democracy
      • and bringing community voices directly to our politicians.
    • We accomplish this through:
      • our public education workshops and community forums
      • support for policy demonstrations and community events
      • and our letter writing / email campaigns, meant to bring the thoughts and voices of constituents straight to the mailboxes of our politicians, in the context and civil support of poverty reduction.

Why poverty reduction?

Poverty is an issue that affects everyone across Canada, either directly or indirectly. Whether we know someone experiencing it, or we’re experiencing it ourselves, poverty has touched all of our lives in some way. It affects our incomes, our quality of life, our larger regional and national economies, our businesses, our families, our friends, rates of crime, quality of education, and so much more.

No matter where you sit politically, it tends to be accepted that poverty is a thing Canada could better live without. As an issue, it is widely a rallying point for politicians, organisations, and individuals to unify behind. With great enough action and co-operation, we have the capability to eradicate poverty from our streets, from our homes, our schools, and our lives; we have the potential to boost quality of life for all those living among us, to achieve individual and collective prosperity across all walks of life.

How do we get involved?

If you’d like to get involved with our campaign, or other anti-poverty work in your region, need resources, or you’d just like to learn more, feel free to contact us, find us on social media, check out our resource pages, or join us at one of our upcoming events!

With your support, we are one step closer to a Canada free from poverty, and we are one step closer to a more prosperous society!


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