The Youth Political Activist Coalition, is a student led initiative in southern Ontario, Canada; seeking to spread and support student activism, volunteer work, and opportunities. Through networking with local organisations, and other passionate individuals, we aim to promote: thought-provoking discussion and political discourse, fruitful event opportunities, volunteer/student connections, and increased community, civic, and political awareness/interest amongst our fellow youth.

YPAC also strives to foster meaningful change in Canadian towns, putting forward our membership’s own monthly activism campaigns and initiatives; varying each month, as decided on during the course of our monthly meetings.

Meetings consist of promotional and networking opportunities between members, and attendees, creating upcoming action plans, in addition to a vigorous debate alongside good food! The location for each gathering is variable, but most often takes place in Peterborough, ON.

YPAC is an inclusive, multi-partisan group, willing to engage with respectable discourse from all backgrounds, and sides of the political spectrum.

If you’re a student passionate about leadership, volunteerism, great food, civics, law, debate, politics, community organisation, meeting fellow activists, finding new causes, community contribution, and more, YPAC might just be for you! Are you looking for new and compelling events or volunteer openings to get involved with? YPAC is for you!

Are you looking for a platform to voice your opinions and your visions? Do you want to help, or further benefit your community through your service and ideas? Do you want to assist in building a tangibly progressive, useful, active, and incredible student network? Get involved with the coalition! We would love to hear from you!

Want more specifics? Looking to get involved? Want to share an idea, or come to one of our upcoming meetings? Send us an email at mc.ypac@gmail.com !


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